CateringWhitetooth Bistro

Thank you for considering the Whitetooth Mountain Bistro for your catering and
event plans. The menu reflects the style of food our chefs enjoy to prepare,
casually elegant fare made from the freshest ingredients allowing for full flavor
and colorful presentation. 

We provide pick up and delivery service for orders above $150.00 with servicepersonnel. 


 All of our prices are directly influenced by our suppliers.  Prices may change due to availability and our providers discretion.

 Every attempt is made to ensure that the menu you select is available,however, Whitetooth Mountain Bistro reserves the right to substitute based onmarket availability.

Please advise us as soon as it is known if any member of your group has a food allergies and sensitivities. Whitetooth Mountain Bistro will make all attempts to accommodate this request but cannot be held responsible for life threatening circumstances based on dietary restrictions.

All buffet menus are designed for healthy portions.  None of our meals are designed as all-u-can-eat events. Should you require a more generous serving for your event, we can accommodate your needs and determine appropriate cost structure.

Our minimum event requirement is 15 guests.


Minimum Guest Guarantees are due by 12 noon, three business days (72hrs) prior to the event. All charges will be based upon the guarantee, or the actual number of guests served if more than the guarantee.

Event orders Below $150 are subject to a $75 Delivery Charge.

All functions will be ‘ready to go’ a minimum of 15 minutes prior to contract time.

Menu items will remain on buffet for a maximum of two (2) hours from drop-offtime. This ensures all guests receive a high level of food quality and complies with BC Health Regulations.

Guests are not permitted to take food from the event for consumption at a later time. This is in accordance with BC Health Regulations.

All food and beverages are subject to GST,  gratuity of 18%, and an administrative fee of 4%.   Alcohol is subject to all charges noted as well as PST.

Audio Visual and other special requirements must be confirmed with the Catering Manager 14 days prior to the date of the function. Charges will apply for all equipment rentals required unless the event is held at the Rockwater Grill & Bar and equipment is already on premise. If a sound technician is required then a fee may apply.

All incidentals and rentals must be returned to the Rockwater location by noon the next day unless other wise arranged.

A non-refundable deposit of 30% of the estimated total Food & Beverage expense is required at time of booking. Unless alternate credit arrangements have been established between Whitetooth Mountain Bistro, and the event convener, all outstanding charges are to be paid before or on the date of event. Outstanding charges and invoices not paid within the terms agreed to between
the client and the Whitetooth Mountain Bistro will be subject to a 4% per month late payment interest charge.

Cancellations received within 14 days of the event will result in forfeiture of all deposits. Groups canceling within 7 days of the scheduled event will also be responsible for 50% of all food and beverage charges due based upon expected attendance.

Venue location is specified on contract for all groups. Events which change venue location less than 24 hours prior to event will be subject to a
Redistribution Charge not exceeding $500.00.

Venue times which begin 1 hour from original contracted time will be subject to a labour charge determined by amount of labourers scheduled.

Whitetooth Mountain Bistro, is not responsible for damages to or loss of any articles left on site by the customer or their guests, prior to, during, or following any function.

The client will be held responsible for any damage to the equipment,decorations or fixtures belonging to Whitetooth Mountain Bistro. Any damageswill be billed to the client at the replacement costs.

All payments will be made to:
Whitetooth Bistro Ltd.
Box 144.
Golden, BC
V0A 1H